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Size of tubes and Wall thickness.
Number of tubes you roll on a regular basis.
Power source available.
Safety aspects inside mud and steam drums.
Manufacture or Repair, on or off site.
Personal preference.
And one most important point in times of economic stress - COST.
First of all cost is a major factor in being able to roll tubes. One option is to rent especially if you have only one job to do and doing the job yourself instead of bringing in contractors is going to be much cheaper. However consulting an engineer is the utmost importance especially in the re-commissioning of the pressure vessel. Provincial and state laws have compulsory compliance laws which need to be adhered too.
Power Source: Electric
  Our electrical rolling drives are either 220-240volt or 110-120volt 50 or 60 Hz. These are powerful German motors which will give years of trouble free service. The drives have 2 speeds and are calibrated for either Steel or Copper tubes.

The Torque Controller is your control unit for delivering the same amount of torque for each and every tube rolled. This ensures gas tight and trouble free joints when rolling continuously.
The Powermaster Torque Controllers are the only units worldwide which work on a wattage based system. This means compared to current based systems you have stable values even when you experience voltage fluctuation.
Power Source: Pneumatic
  We supply 6 different models of Pneumatic tube rolling drives. These will cover tubes from 1/4"OD up to 4.0" Boiler tubes. Two of the models are specifically designed for expanding boiler tubes in steam, mud drums, fire tube and related boiler equipment.
Power Source: Hydraulic
  Hydraulic Tube Expansion systems (HYDEX) is the ideal system for high productivity production lines and also for rolling thick walled boiler tubes in mud and steam drives and also within the nuclear industry.

A truly long life system which gives you an unparalleled choice of three different pumps based on your application and budget.
Accessories for all Systems:
Flexible balance Arm
The Flexible Balance Arm has been designed to deliver power, performance, durability and significantly improve productivity during the tube rolling process.