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Vacuum Tube leak Detector Kit
Simple test equipment used by fabrication shops in the repair, re-tubing and assessment of boilers and heat exchangers. This kit is used to find leaking tubes within a pressure vessel to recognize which tubes need to be replaced, pierced and plugged. Easy to operate, by sealing the far end of each tube with a rubber tube plug. Push the rubber nozzle into the tube. Cycle the unit which will create a vacuum inside the tube. If the tube does not hold vacuum, the tube is defective.
Features of the PVLD-3000 Vacuum Leak Detector
Only one tool necessary for testing multiple tube sizes.
Built in easy to read vacuum gauge.
Simple to operate.
Lightweight tool made from aircraft grade aluminum.
Sizes Available: 1/4"OD to 3.0" OD.
Model Part No: PVLD-3000
Tube Seals Available
Part No. Tube OD Size
P-760 6.3mm 1/4" - 19.5mm 3/4"
P-1250 15.9mm 5/8" -31.7mm 1.1/4"
P-2000 28.6mm 1.1/8" - 50.8mm 2.0"
P-3000 47.6mm 1.7/8" - 76.2mm 3.0"
Operating Instructions:
Connect the air supply with a minimum of 90 psi. Insert the plugging T Handle with the appropriate seal to one end of the tube to be tested. Insert the vacuum gun at the other end of the same tube.
Operate the slide valve on the vacuum gun to create a vacuum within the tube.
Shut the slide valve when the required pressure is reached. Hold in position for a few seconds. If the gauge shows a consistent pressure, no leak is evident.
If a drop in pressure is witnessed then it is evident a leaking tube has been found within the pressure vessel.